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Revolutionizing City Gardening: How Foresteel’s Mobile Irrigation Solutions Can Save You Time, Money, and Hassle

In urban environments, maintaining plant life can be a challenging task, especially with limited access to water and busy schedules. Fortunately, Foresteel offers innovative mobile irrigation solutions that can simplify the process, save resources, and reduce costs. In this blog post, we will explore the main problems of mobile irrigation and city gardening, and how Foresteel’s solutions can address them.

The Challenges of City Gardening

Efficient irrigation adds to the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of an healthy community

City gardening can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to irrigation. Traditional watering methods often waste water, and overwatering can harm plants and increase the risk of disease. Furthermore, droughts and high temperatures can make efficient irrigation even more crucial. On top of that, many municipalities and countries have restrictions on tap water usage for irrigation, limiting the available options.

Traditional watering methods like hoses and sprinklers are often ineffective and not time-efficient. The lack of proper irrigation systems can lead to high labor costs and decreased productivity, making it more difficult to maintain public spaces. All these factors make it a challenge to maintain healthy and vibrant plants and flower baskets in city parks and streets.

Key takeaways:

  • Traditional watering methods waste water and harm plants.
  • Efficient irrigation is crucial due to droughts and tap water restrictions.
  • Lack of proper irrigation systems can lead to high labor costs and decreased productivity.

The Benefits of Mobile Irrigation Solutions

Fortunately, mobile irrigation solutions offer a practical and efficient solution to the challenges of city gardening. Mobile irrigation solutions, such as those offered by Foresteel, provide a compact and easy-to-use option for irrigating plants and flower baskets on the run. These solutions are fully autonomous, with water tank, hose and pump system and designed to minimize water wastage and provide a reliable source of water for plants, even in areas with tap water usage limitations. Mobile irrigation solutions also offer the flexibility to quickly and easily move from one location to another, making it ideal for maintaining public spaces and city gardens.

Mobile Irrigation Units are fully autonomous systems designed for mobilite use and can be easily lifted onto any work vehicle.

Alternatives in use

Before we delve into the possible solutions to the problems of mobile irrigation, it’s essential to discuss alternatives that some people use. One alternative is manual watering, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially for large-scale watering tasks. The use of long hoses and watering cans is not only tedious but also results in uneven watering, with some plants receiving too much or too little water. This can lead to over-watering, which causes root rot, and under-watering, which results in stunted growth and death of plants. Manual watering also require significant physical effort, leading to an increased risk of employee injuries.

Sprinklers are autonomous but often ineffective and waste a lot of water.

Some professionals resort to using expensive industrial watering trailers, which come with their own set of problems. Large industrial watering trailers are often not easy to move around, leading to turf damage and erosion. They’re also difficult to navigate around obstacles and in tight spaces. Additionally, the trailers require additional labor and can be quite costly to rent or purchase.

Another alternative is the use of fixed irrigation systems, such as sprinklers, which are not suitable for mobile irrigation. Such systems are expensive to install and maintain and not flexible enough for the needs of urban and city park irrigation. Furthermore, fixed irrigation systems have a higher water wastage rate compared to mobile irrigation systems since they can only water specific areas and are not adaptable to the changes in weather.

Foresteel Mobile Irrigation Solutions

To overcome these issues, Foresteel offers a range of mobile irrigation solutions that are compact, efficient, and easy to use. Our irrigation systems are designed to save water and time while being easy to move and transport. With a range of portable watering tanks that are ready to use in minutes, our systems can help you get through your irrigation duties faster and more efficiently. Foresteel’s mobile water bowsers are the go-to solution for groundcare and horticulture companies, municipalities, university campuses, campsites, vineyards, park maintenance, and public space managers working where time is valuable and an external water supply is not available.

Our water tanks are made of durable plastic, and the pumping systems are mounted on a multipurpose steel base with forklift pockets. Foresteel offers four models of mobile irrigation solutions with varying tank sizes, 300L, 600L, 1000L, and 2000L, designed to meet the different watering requirements of various areas.

The Foresteel mobile irrigation solutions are easy to use and do not require specialized training. Each unit has intuitive printed-on instructions next to the valve system. The compact and ready-to-use solution is assembled on a solid steel frame with forklift pockets, which makes them transportable and compatible with a wide range of trailer beds, trucks, and pickup bodies.

In addition, you can configure your irrigation unit to your needs with a range of optional extras:

  • Sloshing baffles
  • Zero-Emission electrical pump system (also fully autonomous)
  • Different hose reel
  • Different watering tools
  • Water flow meter to minimize overwatering (this is a big issue and often done without knowledge)
  • Filling inlet and other options.

Learn more about configurability from product configurators on each product page.

Main Benefits of Foresteel Irrigation Solutions

By choosing Foresteel’s mobile irrigation systems, our customers can enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: With our mobile irrigation systems, you can complete your seasonal irrigation duties in less time and for less money. You can also minimize water wastage, thereby reducing your workforce by up to 50%.
  • Convenience: Our systems are easy to use by anyone, with no special training required. They’re also transportable and compatible with a wide range of trailer beds, trucks, and pickup bodies.
  • Flexibility: With our mobile irrigation systems, you can use any trailer, pickup truck, or utility vehicle you have at your disposal. Your own unit is always available.

Other benefits include:

The Foresteel mobile irrigation solutions are designed to make work easier and more convenient. The ready-to-use bundle can be set up in minutes and does not require specialized training. This means that seasonal irrigation duties can be completed in less time and for less money, making them the ideal solution for companies looking to minimize labor requirements.

Efficient Water Usage
One of the main benefits of using Foresteel mobile irrigation solutions is efficient water usage. Traditional watering methods waste up to 50% of the water they consume, resulting in increased water bills and environmental pollution. With our optional Water Flow Meter, you can precicely water plants with ease and minimize overwatering.

Easy to Use
Foresteel mobile irrigation solutions are easy to use and do not require specialized training. This means that anyone can use them, reducing the need for a skilled workforce. This is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses that cannot afford to hire specialized labor.

Foresteel mobile irrigation solutions are flexible and can be used in various locations, including city centers, commercial landscapes, and parks. They can be used with wide range of vehicles like trailers, pickup trucks, van’s and municipal machinery.

Reduced Labor Costs
Foresteel mobile irrigation solutions reduce labor costs by up to 60%. This means that businesses and organizations can reduce their workforce, resulting in significant cost savings. Learn more and do Your calculations and see for yourself.

Ordering Foresteel Mobile Irrigation Solutions

If you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution to irrigating plants and flower baskets in cities and city parks, Foresteel’s mobile irrigation solutions are the perfect choice. With a range of models to choose from, you can find the perfect solution to meet your watering requirements. Plus, with the benefits of reduced water wastage and labor costs, you’ll see cost savings in the long run.

To order Foresteel mobile irrigation solutions, browse our range of products online and configure your own or contact your closest dealer. With easy ordering and delivery, you can have your mobile irrigation system up and running in no time. Say goodbye to the pains of traditional watering methods and experience the benefits of Foresteel’s mobile irrigation solutions.

Contact your closest dealer or configure & order online.

We’re also available for personal consultations to help you configure the best fit for your needs.

/ Too long, didn’t read? / Here’s a recap:

Foresteel’s mobile water bowsers offer an efficient and convenient solution to the problems faced by municipalities, landscaping service providers, and other customers who need to irrigate plants and maintain public spaces. The benefits include minimizing water wastage, reducing workforce requirements, saving time and money, and being fully autonomous and mobile for work anywhere. Additionally, the option for Zero Emission electrical pumps allows for a more environmentally friendly solution.

It is a complete solution that is reliable and ready for work, configurable to your needs, and can save time and reduce water wastage in mobile watering tasks. It is designed for mobile irrigation of various plants and trees in different settings and is available in different tank versions. It is a compact, ready-to-use watering, water transportation, irrigation, and firefighting bowser that can be easily transported and used by anyone with basic knowledge.

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My role at Foresteel involves designing and building products that revolutionize the way grounds managers approach their daily tasks with greater efficiency and comfort.

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