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Leaf cleanup work scenarios with Foresteel Leaf Trailers

We know (at Foresteel) our Leaf Trailers save users hundres of labour hours each year.
We find it important that this knowledge and experiences reach other potential users aswell.
Most imporantly – how it’s done.

One of our missions at Foresteel is to save Your time and money, helping you solve leaf cleanup works faster and with less labour.

To give you an better overview of how to collect leaves efficiently, we have put together an overview of working scenarios and videos.

There are 3 main working scenarions that our customers use. Read on and see videos below.

1. Handheld suction nozzle

vacuuming piles

cleaning ditches

EXTREME VAC Power test
15kg(!) training ball

Know this: Most powerful suction, also suitable for wet and rough conditions. Most flexible, for tight spaces. Efficient for collecting and shredding leaves from piles, ditches, fence edges and narrow spaces etc.

Note: Handheld suction nozzle is included in standard leaf trailer and stays included even if you set it up in mowing deck setup or with Underframe Suction Unit. With our hose Quick-Connect you can swap work tool in seconds.

2. Mowing-Deck setup (most effective)

Know this: Mowing deck generates uplift (air flow), pulling up evenwet leaves stuck to the ground and the extra shredding done by mower blades crush bigger branches so they can’t clog the hose. Then our powerful vacuum sucks all debris in and shreds it again, making this work configuration the most efficient way to collect and clean up leaves, grass and other debris. Perfect if you have larger areas to clean.

Note: We always recommended OEM deck adapter (the plastic part connected to deck), but when this is not available, we can also supply an universal deck adapter. Whenever feasible, use this setup.

Feedback: P√ľhaj√§rve SPA & Hotel in Southern Estonia, where this video is recorded, has said to have achieve roughly 5-6x work efficiency going over from blower + separate vac combo to this ‘Mowing-deck-magic’ setup. They’re now able to keep areas of more than 10 ha cleaned with one worker.

3. Underframe Suction Unit

vacuuming cut grass

vacuuming leaves

vacuuming leaves

Know this: The Underframe Suction Unit gives you ‘One-Man-Job’ without the need of a mowing deck vehicle. The low cost attachment is most efficient if leaf cleanup runs can be done as soon as leaves fall. Thick layer of leaves or wet leaves are harder to collect this way and can require multiple run-overs, as the unit does not have any brush inside. Branches may clog the inlet and should be removed.¬† See videos above.

Note: Roughly 6 of 10 leaf trailers are ordered with Underframe Suction Unit attachment and most users use the unit first when the leaves start to fall collecting most of them and finish the cleanup season with blowers + handheld suction nozzle when too wet.

NB! Shredding effect

shredding action

before & after shredding

Know this: All Foresteel leaf vacuums have integrated HARDOX shredder blades. Shredded leaves take up considerably less space. For example 2.5 m3 FT-1600 leaf trailer can fit equivalent of 10+ m3 of loose unshredded leaves. The surprise of it’s actual fit is an common feedback from our leaf trailer customers.


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