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Fully equipped 2-in-1 leaf vacuum trailers for municipalities, manors and many more. (✔ COC)

Leaf trailers
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News! Street legal versions (EU CoC) now available!
Foresteel Leaf Trailers in FT-1600 & FT-2000 series have achieved EU Type Approval, making them officially street legal across the European Union!

High quality leaf collection machines with guaranteed increase of productivity and time-efficiency.

Simplify your leaf & debris collection tasks with a multifunctional Foresteel Leaf Trailer.

Versatile tool for municipalities, golf courses, manors, churches, schools and many others with small to medium-sized turf areas.

  • Fully equipped leaf collection machines ready for work
  • Less work and hassle. Less manpower needed
  • Suitable models for your compact machinery
  • Configurable to your needs
  • Reliable and proven solutions
  • Powerful leaf vacuums and expertly designed trailers

What makes an leaf trailer?

Foresteel time-saving and simple-to-use leaf vacuum trailers / vacuum sweepers combine a tipping trailer with a gasoline-powered leaf vacuum, as well as a leaf shredding blade that shreds and compacts leaves firmly into the trailer box, increasing work capacity by up to ten times.

Our leaf vacuums are powered by Briggs & Stratton engines, which are known for their dependability, power, and efficiency. The small size and light weight of our leaf trailers make them ideal for small to medium sized parks and properties. The light weight allows working on easily damageable and delicate areas like greens, lawns and parks.

What can you do with an vacuum trailer?

Foresteel vacuum trailers are ideal for collecting and clearing leaves and mowed grass, but also other debris such as trash, wood chips, acorns, pine needles, hay, manure, plastic debris and other light items.
The vacuum has enought power to lift 15 kg objects – see video here!

How to use a Foresteel leaf trailer?

There are 3 main working scenarios for collecting leaves:

  1. With handheld suction nozzle from piles.
  2. Leaf Trailer connected to mowing deck.
  3. With optional underframe suction unit.

Read more about this in detail in an overview article on our blog here.

Watch an video about mowing-deck setup efficiency here.


Foresteel Leaf Trailers: Who uses them?

Our self contained leaf vacuum machines are a proven solution for municipalities, SPAs and hotel centers, campsites, schools, golf courses, manors, grounds maintenance companies, sports facilities, church and cemetary managers and many others with small to medium sized parks, pathways, and turf areas.

NB! Shredded leaves take up considerably less space. For example 2.5 m3 FT-1600 leaf trailers can fit the equivalent of 10+ m3 of loose unshredded dry leaves. This let’s you work longer and reduces trips to the dump site.


2-in-1 Design

Because of the quick and easy unmounting of leaf equipment (vacuum unit), Foresteel leaf trailers can also be used as traditional tipping trailers for the entire season (unmounting takes less than 30 min). Based on the modular design, our leaf collection machines are of 2-in-1 design, giving users a tipper trailer and a leaf vacuum trailer both in one machine.

Our tow behind leaf collectors come in a variety of sizes: suitable for lawn tractors, compact tractors, compact loaders, ATVs, utility vehicles, tool carriers and golf carts. They are often used with compact tractors and utility vehicles from brands such as John Deere, Kubota, Kioti, Iseki, New Holland, Toro etc. They are also often used with compact loaders from the likes of Avant, Multione, Wiedemann and others. Leaf Trailer models are available that are often used together with ATVs and UTVs from brands like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Can-Am, Polaris and CF-Moto but also with golf- and utility vehicles from Club Car, Melex, E-Z-Go, Yamaha and others.

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