Mobile watering bowser with tank for irrigation, water transport and firefighting tasks.

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Mobile irrigation, watering, water transport and firefighting water bowsers. Portable plant watering and irrigation systems. Available in platform configuration for self-installation and trailer configuration for on-site tow.

✔ Complete solution
✔ Reliable and ready for work
✔ Save time at mobile watering tasks
✔ Reduce water wastage
✔ Fulfill the needs of a healthy community
✔ Configurable to your needs
✔ Go emission-free with optional Zero-Emission pumps

In one set, a compact ready-to-use watering, water transportation, irrigation, and firefighting bowser. Tanks that are durable and rigid, as well as pumping systems that are optimized, are all assembled on a solid steel frame with forklift pockets. Grounds maintenance and horticultural enterprises, park maintenance managers, farms and municipality managers can all benefit from this irrigation solution. Available in 300, 600, 1000, 2000 liter tank versions.

Designed for mobile irrigation of
  • flower baskets and flower beds, hanging baskets in cities, parks and bigger gardens;
  • plants and trees in vineyards, orchards and horticulture companies;
  • public and private sector landscape maintenance;
  • rinsing and wash down operations. Road verge watering;
  • Parks, ornamental gardens and recreation, local authority watering;
  • and also used as quick water transport and firefighting bowser.
Portable Water tanks with pump and hose. Compact in size and weight, designed with forkliftable steel frame, perfect for transport on trailers, vans, pickups, municipal vehicles and cargo trucks. With wheeled chassis option you can easily convert the water bowser into trailer for on-site tow.

Choosing Foresteel Irrigation equipment you can solve several problems such as short time-windows allowed for daily irrigation tasks and often limited infrastructure or tap water usage can prevent you from fast and easy work. Our compact mobile watering equipment series that are ready to use in minutes and will help you run your errands quicker.

You can achieve:

  • save time on mobile irrigation tasks,
  • minimize water wastage upto 50%,
  • cut workforce requirements upto 60%,
  • make irrigation tasks in public spaces faster and less disturbing,
  • receive social approval for using emissionless and noiseless tools whenopting for our Zero-Emission versions.

Foresteel mobile water bowsers are the go-to solution for groundcare and horticulture companies, farms, University campuses, campsites, vineyards, park maintenance and public spaces managers working where time efficiency is valuable and an external water supply is not available.

Thanks to intuitive printed-on instructions and manuals, anyone can start working with this irrigation tank in minutes: “We’ve redesigned the mobile watering solution to be easily liftable (forklift pockets), transportable and used by anyone with basic knowledge.”