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All orders are given in assignment to ACE Logistics, DSV, DB Schenker, DHL Couriers or whichever is more convenient to the location at hand and whose deliveries take place on business days. The listed partners will notify prior delivering.


What makes Foresteel products special, is that each Foresteel unit is tailored to customer configuration they submitted with the order. For that, each Foresteel product is assembled on order and combined with the options and accessories chosen by the customer.

  1. In case of stock availability, the production assembly queue is 3-5 days, in which the order is assembled, checked, packed and prepared for delivery.
  2. In case the product or components of the product are “Out of stock” or “Available on backorder”, the ordered goods shall be produced and issued no later than 60 (sixty) calendar days; In case of an order which is not deliverable immediately, the customer will be notified immediately and will have an option of canceling their order.


The products are fixed with straps on pallets and packed with white film for protection. On some trailer versions, when specified accordingly in product data, components may be unassembled for more efficient transport. Only components requiring basic tools and assembly are removed for quick and easy reassembly by customer.


On the day of the dispatchment of the goods from the FORESTEEL warehouses, one of our operators will notify through a call or through email: the informed customer can request a postponement of the departure if necessary.

There are two delivery methods based on product size:
(1)Delivery with tail lift truck of pallet goods.

  • Delivery takes place on the street front and the tail lift service shall be requested, if needed in order to unload the freight, when the notification of the dispatchment takes place.
  • If the courier does not have a tail lift, the recipient can choose to refuse delivery and require the courier to come by again with suitable means in order to unload to the ground. In this case, it is necessary to immediately inform FORESTEEL by e-mail at: . In this eventuality, it is possible that there may be a delay of a few days for the second attempt, due to the internal management of the freight company to organize the new delivery with a dedicated vehicle. We advise you to contact us to receive confirmation on the feasibility for such a delivery service with tail lift. 

(2)Truck delivered goods (without tail lift possibility).

  • Delivery of bigger dimension goods, such that can not be delivered on pallets through terminals. Those are goods with any of the dimension (L/W/H) over 2.4m, for example: 
    • fully assembled Leaf Trailers; bigger trailer models; FTB series, assembled irrigation trailers etc.
  • In this case, it is necessary for the receiver to organize or have in place at the time of delivery, a means of unloading the goods from the side of the truck by lifting (forklift, frontloader, crane etc). 
  • If truck delivery is neccessary due to product dimensions, the customer is informed on the product page with following or similar note: “The destination must be accessible to a truck (24Ton). The customer must be equipped with a forklift or loader to unload the product”.


If the customer is unable to attend the delivery and is not found by the courier, he/she will leave a notice of attempted delivery and contact the customer again to set up another delivery date. If this delivery attempt is also unsuccessful, the customer will be contacted by FORESTEEL staff to define a further delivery.

If the third attempt is also unsuccessful, the product automatically returns to the FORESTEEL warehouses with consequent cancellation of the order and subsequent refund to the client, accordingly to the chosen payment method with any costs for packaging, shipping, return shipping and ancillary services to be subtracted from the reimbursement. For online purchases, the refund will be made in the same payment method chosen during the purchase.


The ETA time for EU delivery from dispatching through the designated partners it’s of 3-5 business days to Northern Europe and 4-8 business days to Southern Europe. Prior to arriving, customer is called in advance by transport partner to specify suitable delivery time. 

FORESTEEL also provides worldwide deliveries, delivery times vary based on location and transport type. Please contact FORESTEEL for custom requests via email ( or phone.


Case 1: goods have been received with obvious damage due to transport.
In case of receipt of damaged goods:
Photograph the damaged package next to the courier van.
Photograph the damaged parts.
State in writing on the delivery note that the courier has signed: “subject to checking, goods visibly damaged”.
Photograph the aforementioned delivery note.
Immediately report the damage to FORESTEEL via e-mail ( with a brief, and as most exhaustively as possible, description of the incident and attach the related images as indicated above.

Case 2: no damage, but packaging open
In case of receiving goods with opened or missing packaging, immediately photograph the pallet near the courier’s van and carry out an immediate check of the goods.
If one or more components are missing:
Photograph the details of such opened or missing packaging.
State in writing on the delivery note that the courier has signed: “subject to checking, goods with opened packaging and missing parts”.
Photograph the aforementioned delivery note.
Immediately report the occurred to FORESTEEL via e-mail ( with a brief, and most extensively possible, description of the incident and attach the related images as indicated above.

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