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Tipping trailers for tractors, loaders, ATVs and UTVs to help you at various tasks. (✔ COC)

Trailer series
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News! Street legal versions (EU CoC) now available!
Foresteel trailers in FT-1600 & FT-2000 series have achieved EU Type Approval, making them officially street legal across the European Union!

Tipping trailers made for small tractors, compact loaders, ATVs, UTVs, municipal machinery and any other small equipment. Designed for compact machinery with enhanced weight distribution and tongue loads.

You can easily and quickly transport and dump goods like gravel, soil, stones, brances, mulch, dirt or other debris at your work projects or in your household. Make that task more efficient with Foresteel tipping trailers.

To provide high-quality products to park groundskeepers, golf centers, municipalities and landscape businesses, all Foresteel trailers are made with high-quality materials and up-to-date technologies and produced using cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Our product line comprises small trailer series, which provide a compact yet 33% more effective solution for cleaning waste from yards to big park areas.

Expertiese and experiences of our customers have always been the integral part in our product development by which durable compact tipping trailers and easy-to-use solutions have been born from.


Discover the benefits of Foresteel dump trailers
Produced to withstand heavy use
Durable and strong A-frame construction
Platform body gives you wide range of usage possibilities
Wide tires for maximum surface area
Easy to manouver in narrow spaces
 Optimal weight and size for small tractors, compact loaders,
ATVs, UTVs and greencare machinery
Modular design – retrofittable options and accessories
Adjustable drawbar for connecting with different machines
 Variety of modular accessories available


Introducing FT-trailer series
High strength steels and optimized weight
Premium components from well known suppliers
Rotating hitch for safety in case of trailer rollover
Small drawbar nose load – safe for towing machinery
Strong and high quality finish
Produced with environmentally friendly technologies
 All trailers are designed and manufactured to EU
directives and have an CE certificate


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