Pressure washers

Autonomous mobile pressure washers with water tank, ready for work anywhere.

Pressure washers
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Breathe new life into dirty items. Wash anything, anywhere!

Multifunctional mobile pressure washers ready for action independent of power and water resources.

✔ Complete solution pressure washer water bowser
✔ Ready for instant work on day of delivery
✔ No more extension cords and water hoses
✔ Reduced water wastage
✔ Compact size, fits on any vehicle
✔ Optimal pressure and flow parameters
✔ Configured to your needs

Fully autonomous mobile pressure washers with tank, ready for action anywhere, any place. Carefully selected components for optimal pressure and flow parameters. Tested solutions with proven results. Water tank, pressure pump, chemical tank and hose system all integrated on a compact and lightweight steel subframe. Specially designed forklift pockets allows for quick and easy lifting and loading of the unit.

Components carefully chosen for appropriate pressure and flow conditions.

Bus stops, waiting pavilions, park furniture, public playgrounds, road signs, equipment, construction and agricultural equipment, vehicles, trucks, buildings, manufacturing plants, leisure and rental equipment, walls, fences, boats, motorbikes and other items are all pressure washed by our clients.

Enables you to:

  • save time on mobile washing tasks,
  • cut workforce requirements upto 60%,
  • use any trailer, pickup truck or utility vehicle available at the time,
  • work SMARTER, not harder.

Designed for quick and easy mobile washing and cleaning independent of power and water resources. Compact in size and easy to lift on and off vehicles, it suits perfectly for transport on trailers, vans, UTVs and pickup trucks. With wheeled chassis option you can easily convert the water bowser into trailer for on-site tow.

Some of the users of our time saving mobile power washers

  • Machinery rentals,
  • agri machinery sales companies,
  • landscaping companies,
  • construction companies,
  • farms and animal husbandries,
  • schools and university campuses,
  • sports grounds and facility managers,
  • shopping centers,
  • property managers
  • and municipalities.