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Mowing Deck Magic

Ever wondered what’s the ultimate tool for easy and efficient leaf cleanup. Even when wet, mixed with branches and most important of all – doesn’t break your bank?

Well, here it is! Foresteel Leaf Vacuum Trailer connected to any mowers mowing deck.

We call it Mowing Deck Magic 🍂🍁😍

See it in action below

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Why connecting our leaf vacuums to mower deck makes it’s so efficient?

✔ thanks to the mower deck blade design (not mulch blades), the kinematics of the blades generate uplift, which basically “sucks up” all grass, leaves, branches, acorns etc. stuck to the ground;

✔ also, thanks to the pre-shredding in the mower deck, this setup can easily handle twigs and branches, but also wet leaves stuck to the ground, making it an super effective tool every property owner should have;

✔ in addition to leaves, the system can also be used to clear and vacuum grass clippings, acorns, wood chippings, stump grinding debris etc. and allows you to mow-and-collect at the same time.

Never too late to get yours. See our Leaf Trailers model range here.

Want some advice or still hesitant? Get in touch with us and we’ll happily share our experiences, customer setups and help you find the right tool. Get in touch with us here.

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