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FT Series trailers

The warranty terms are the basis for providing warranty and resolving warranty related issues for trailers manufactured by FS Production OÜ (ltd) (hereinafter ‘the manufacturer’ and ‘Foresteel’). In order to minimise all unforeseeable damage, we recommend making a non-life  insurance contract for the trailer, because trailers are complex technical objects.

  1. The manufacturer shall provide a 1-year warranty for the main construction (frame, body, electrical system, hydraulic system, pipes) of the trailers, covering the costs of fixing production and material defects.
  2. Components used in the trailers are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty, if preserved in compliance with the user and maintenance manuals.
  3. The warranty period starts from the moment the trailer is transferred to the contractual partner (vendor, mediator) of Foresteel.
  4. The manufacturer guarantees that at the time of manufacture the trailer complies with all the requirements of the EC directives currently in force for the trailer, and that it has no material or factory defects. In the event of non-compliance with these requirements, the manufacturer undertakes to eliminate them at their own expense.
  5. The guarantee only applies when the purchaser is able to provide the trailer passport or the original purchase document, and if the trailer has a clearly identifiable VIN code (Serial Number) or if the purchaser has clearly demonstrated the origin and the date of purchase of the trailer.
  6. The warranty only applies to the trailer and its technology if the user has strictly followed the user and maintenance manuals.
  7. The trailer and its technology may be  repaired  solely  by  a  person having the necessary technical expertise and only after receiving an approval from the manufacturer for which a list of repair works and expenses needs to be submitted.
  8. Trailer tyres are subject to tyre manufacturer’s warranty and, therefore, are  not covered by the trailer manufacturer’s warranty; however, the dealer shall assist the owner in filing tyre-related claims if necessary.
  9. The following scenarios are not covered by the warranty:
    • If the owner fails to inform the dealer about a defect discovered on the trailer within 3 business days of its discovery.
    • If the owner has not discontinued the use of the trailer upon finding a defect;
    • If the owner does not co-operate in eliminating the defect by failing to provide necessary additional information and evidence, and does not co-operate with the dealer in drawing up the claim act FT-WTY-002;
    • If the trailer has been  repaired or rebuilt without the consent of the manufacturer and the manufacturer has not received a list of repair works or expenses beforehand;
    • Damage caused due to incorrect storage or maintenance, for example, keeping the trailer in extremely intense or damaging conditions, such as on the sea, at a manufacturing unit, in direct contact with water, chemicals, ashes, concrete, dirt, etc.;
    • Changes to parts caused by natural wear and tear (tyres, brake pads / discs, rubber shock absorbers, rims, lights, bulbs, etc.);
    • Defects caused by misuse of the trailer, external factors  or  non-compliance with the requirements of the operating and maintenance manual:
      • overload,
      • cleaning marks,
      • improperly pressurised tyres,
      • wrong sized or unbalanced wheels and wheels with unexamined fasteners,
      • defects  caused  to  the  trailer  by  external  electrical,  water,  and  sewage systems,
      • defects  caused  by  flying  gravel  or  snow,  road  salt,  or  other  chemical substances,
      • fire, vandalism, theft, natural disasters
      • incorrect use of the lifting/tipping mechanism.
    • Malfunctions and defects caused by failure to comply with traffic regulations and other safety  regulations, including the safety requirements for  the electrical equipment and hydraulic system installations (if they are included in the trailer equipment);
    • Defects caused by people being inside the trailer during driving;
    • If the load has not been evenly distributed inside the trailer during driving, resulting in decreased steerability, and all the consequential implications, including uneven wear of tyres;
    • If loose items or devices have caused defects or damage to the trailer or its other equipment;
    • If the parking brake, stop blocks on either side of the wheels, and support legs have not been used during a period of trailer immobility, causing the trailer to move spontaneously;
    • If the parking brake (if they are included in the trailer equipment) is not used during the coupling or decoupling of  the coupling device, causing the trailer to move spontaneously;
    • Malfunctions caused due to incorrect use of the coupling device;
    • Mechanical damage discovered after the trailer has been handed over to the buyer;
    • Defects caused due to the owner adding details to the trailer that are not part of its original equipment, or altering the construction of the trailer;
    • Defects and malfunctions caused due to the use of a trailer that has not undergone maintenance inspection;
    • Changes due to the natural characteristics of the materials used,  or  defects caused by environmental effects (aging of paint or coating, fading, surface defects to galvanised materials, etc.);
    • Malfunctions of devices caused by lightning or other natural events (force majeure);
    • Trailers with expired warranties.
  10. The warranty precludes manufacturers liability for inconvenience, time commitment, destruction of cargo or any accidental or consequential damage that may be caused to the owner or a third party due to a defect covered by this warranty.
  11. The warranty precludes reductions in revenue resulting from the technical malfunctioning of the trailer and other related costs (fuel, telephone calls, overnight stays, replacement trailer costs, etc.), as well as compensation for bodily injury or material damage to the owner or to third party resulting from an accident.
  12. Items not covered under this warranty: inconvenience, loss of time, loss of trailer use, loss of revenue, rental or substitute equipment costs or any other loss or cost including travel time and expenses, such as food, fuel, lodging, etc., incurred to obtain warranty service. Also overtime labor rates, service calls, towing charges, expediting, freight or transportation costs.
  13. Under warranty terms, the elimination of malfunctions/defects shall be carried out in one of the following ways:
    • repairing the malfunctioning or defective devices/furnishing or trailer;
    • replacing the malfunctioning or defective devices/furnishing of the trailer with a new one;
    • if repairing a device or furnishing appears to be  impossible,  or  necessary details are no longer produced, then the manufacturer has the right to replace it with an equivalent product.
  14. For each warranty case, a written claim FT-WTY-002 must be drawn up with the representative of the dealer provided that the case is subject to warranty. The dealership must be given the opportunity to check the alleged malfunction.
  15. The manufacturer shall respond to the claim within 5 working days, or after check-up, in cases where a thorough technical inspection is required. In case of a reasoned claim for damages, the manufacturer is obligated to perform necessary preparations for the repair works within  30 calendar days at the latest (dispatching a spare part, confirming repairing of the damanged part etc)
  16. The warranty for the replaced or repaired trailer is valid for the duration of the initial warranty. The warranty for the replaced or repaired technology is valid for the duration of their initial warranty.
  17. All replaced devices, or the trailer itself, shall be transferred to the manufacturer for further technical inspection.
  18. Only original parts and components may be used for warranty repairs.
  19. The dealership or distributor shall arrange the repair of malfunctions that have been discovered during the warranty term. The manufacturer shall be contacted to carry out further actions.
  20. The expenses for transporting the trailer to and from the location of warranty repairs shall be borne by the owner.
  21. The trailer brought in for repairs or maintenance must be empty and clean, otherwise the person doing the repairs or maintenance is not obliged to accept it. If additional cleaning or maintenance is needed, the expenses shall be borne by the owner of the trailer.
  22. Defects discovered by the dealer during pre-sale inspection shall be eliminated on the basis of current terms and conditions.
  23. Distributors are required to check the quality and quantity of trailers delivered by the manufacturer immediately upon delivery and inform the manufacturer regarding non- compliances in writing within 3 working days in the form of claim FT-WTY-002.
  24. Damage due to transportation must be registered by the distributor (on a CMR) before the unloading of goods. The defects and damage should be immediately photographed and recorded in writing with the VIN code and manufacturer’s factory data sticker. After receiving the trailers, responsibility for their condition is transferred to the distributor (or at earlier time depending on INCOTERM used).
  25. This warranty is the manufacturer warranty, which means that it does not affect the legal rights established in the purchase contract between the owner and the sales representative nor those established by national laws regulating the sale of consumer goods.
  26. When trailers have been delivered semi-assembled, the person doing the assembly is considered responsible for the quality of the assembly.

Trailer Optional Extras

Trailers’ optional extras(hydraulic options, extensions and extras) are covered by a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase, under the same terms and conditions as the FT Series trailers warranty. Warranty is void if:
Damages are caused by misuse, neglect, accident, improper storage, installation, or handling.
Repairs or changes are not performed or approved by Foresteel.
– Optional extras are used with non-Foresteel products or modified in any unapproved way.

The addition of optional extras may affect the trailer’s performance and functionality; it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure proper use in accordance with Foresteel’s user and maintenance manuals and design use cases.

Leaf Vacuum Units (including as part of Leaf Trailers)

The warranty terms are the basis for providing warranty and resolving warranty-related issues for Leaf Vacuum units manufactured by FS Production OÜ (Ltd). FS Production OÜ guarantees that all products it manufactures are free from defects in materials and workmanship. The standard warranty period is one (1) year from the date of delivery to the end user, unless otherwise specified. FS Production OÜ’s obligation under this warranty is confined to the replacement or repair of faulty parts at an authorized service center.

FS Production OÜ or authorized representative retains the right to examine the product and the components submitted for warranty repair to ascertain the validity of the claim. Costs incurred for transportation (pick-up & delivery or shipping of parts) in relation to warranty claims are the responsibility of the claimant and are non-refundable. Damages that result from transit, misuse, accidents, or failure to adhere to the instructions in the user manual are not covered by the warranty. Components that naturally wear out over time, such as turbine, housing, bearings, blades, hoses wear plates, etc., are exempt from warranty claims, unless a manufacturing defect can be proven to be the cause of premature failure.

Purchased replacement parts are under warranty for a duration of 90 days from the date of purchase. Routine maintenance and adjustments are the responsibility of the end user and are excluded from warranty coverage. Repairs or maintenance conducted by unauthorized personnel, as well as the use of unauthorized parts or accessories not supplied by or approved by FS Production OÜ, will result in the immediate voiding of the warranty. Similarly, unauthorized modifications to the product will also nullify the warranty. Under no circumstances will FS Production OÜ be liable for any consequential damages resulting from the failure of a product to operate as intended.

Warranty exceptions include integral units such as gasoline engines etc., which are subject to the respective manufacturer’s warranty. Briggs & Stratton engines used are covered by their worldwide warranty provided by Briggs & Stratton.

  • Excerpt from Briggs & Stratton Engine Warranty policy:

FTW-PW Series

Including Mobile Irrigation Platforms (water bowsers), Mobile Irrigation Trailers, Mobile Pressure Washers.

The product of the FTW series irrigation system and PW high pressure cleaner series is covered by the Foresteel guarantee:

  • The guarantee for construction, parts and labour of the FTW or PW unit is valid for 12 months;
  • for Honda GX engines found on PW series, is valid for 36 months link to website;
  • for Interpump high pressure pumps is valid for 12 months; link to website;

so that it is free of defective parts and materials for a period of months from the date of purchase (unless otherwise stated at the point of sale). The guarantee does not cover damage caused by the use of incorrect operating materials, unnatural wear and tear, wear and tear due to above-average loads, incorrect installation or commissioning by the customer or third parties – unless Foresteel is responsible for this. The guarantee also excludes wear parts that are subject to excessive natural wear due to their material properties or their type of use, e.g. Seals, high-pressure hoses, high-pressure guns, plastic bearings and the like, as well as damage caused by the flow of substances that are not contractually required. All guarantee periods begin on the date of purchase and are not transferable.

This warranty does not apply to defects caused by misuse, neglect, accident, improper storage, installation or handling, frost damage, repairs or changes that are not performed or approved by us, or the use of the wrong type of fuel, contaminated water or unsuitable chemicals caused. The guarantee is limited to the provision of repairs, which are free of charge within the specified period, provided the above conditions are met and the original proof of purchase is presented.

Warranty Claim Process

In the event that a product from FS Production OÜ fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, the owner should contact an FS Production OÜ representative and proceed as follows to file a warranty claim:

  1. The product must be taken to the purchase dealer or an authorized FS Production OÜ service center, if not agreed upon otherwise.
  2. The owner must provide the invoice or receipt as proof of purchase. Absence of proof of purchase will render the warranty null and void.
  3. The authorized FS Production OÜ representative will complete the Warranty Claim form and submit it to FS Production OÜ Technical Service Manager. Any parts replaced under warranty must be retained and tagged for a period of 90 days.
  4. The FS Production OÜ Technical Service Manager will assess the claim and may request for further proof, additional information, or that the parts be returned for inspection. FS Production OÜ will then communicate their decision to the local representative from whom the claim originated.

The decision of the Technical Service Manager at FS Production OÜ regarding the approval or rejection of a warranty claim is final and binding.
Please note: To process a warranty claim, you will need to provide the Model, Year & Serial Number (found on the product identification label) and the purchase date.

In the event that a product from FS Production OÜ fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, the owner should contact an FS Production OÜ representative to solve the warranty issue.


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