FT-1600 Leaf Trailer 10,090.00 (excl. tax)

FT-1600 Leaf Trailer

10,090.00 (excl. tax)

For tractors, compact loaders, ATVs, UTVs, golf, and park machines, a lightweight leaf collection tipping trailer with a 1600 kg loading capacity is available.
News. Street legal versions (EU CoC) now available!

The self-contained leaf impeller creates a strong vacuum and a high-speed airflow. For rapid and easy unloading, leaf trailers have a robust hydraulic tipping capability with a high tip angle. The tipping angle of the trailers is more than enough to discharge even the most difficult loads. Now with galvanized frame, side panels and corner posts!

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Leaf Trailer FT-1600 from Foresteel

Light, the compact and versatile vacuum trailer for quick and easy leaf cleanup. Suitable for small tractors, loaders, ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, or other small machines.

  • Trailers that are fully outfitted and ready to work.
  • There will be less labor and hassle. Less manpower is required.
  • Models that are appropriate for your compact machinery.
  • Adaptable to your requirements.
  • Solutions that are dependable and proven.
  • Leaf vacuums with a lot of suction and trailers that are well-designed.
  • Compact in size and weight, perfect balance for delicate turf areas and small machinery like tractors, loaders, UTVs and ATVs.

FT-1600 Leaf Trailer Benefits & Features

Saves valuable time and money on seasonal cleanup tasks.

Keeps grounds clear of leaves, grass, clippings, pine needles and other debris.

Less work and hassle with less manpower needed.

Compact and easily maneuverable.

Used by many professionals with proven results.

Includes all standard trailer features thanks to 2-in-1 design concept. See trailer model page for reference.

Technical data

1600 COCL Leaf Trailer Version

EU Type Approved/Street legal version with CoC papers
Dimensions COCL Trailer: 3790 mm x 1360 mm x 1062 mm
Dimensions in Leaf setup with Hose holders: 3790 mm x 1550 mm x 1800 mm
Total mass: 2000 kg
Drawbar nose load: 300 kg
Coupling: D50 mm ball coupling (DIN-eyelet optional)
Coupling height: 430mm
Max speed: 40 km/h (Wide landscaping turf tires)
Brake system: Auto-reverse overrun brakes with handbrake
EU type approved to class R2a (40 km/h)

Trailer size

FT-1600 Leaf Trailer


2.5 m3

Loading capacity

1600 kg


550 kg

Inside dimensions

L 2000 mm x W 1250 mm x H 1000 mm


L 3340 mm x W 1550 mm x H 1735 mm
(with hose holders)

Track width

1250 mm


Rear, Hydraulic, Tipping angle 50 °


Extra wide turf tires, 26” x 12” x 12”


D50 mm ball coupling, height adjustable

Vacuum unit construction

Geometrically optimized design; Hardox impeller and housing with increased wear resistance

Vacuum unit engine

MIDvac – Briggs & Stratton XR 2100 420cc 13 hp with manual start or electric start (optional)
Maintenance: See operator’s manual! Full oil change after first 5 hours and later annually or every 100 hours of use (10W30).

PROvac – Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 18 hp with electric start
Maintenance: See operator’s manual! Full oil change annually or every 100 hours of use (10W30).

Hour meter installed on every Foresteel unit for service inverval and work time checking."


1 year for parts and labor
2 years for Briggs & Stratton 13hp, 3 years for 18 hp engines


unleaded gasoline, BIOFUEL NOT SUITABLE

Fuel tank capacity

Briggs & Stratton XR 2100 – 6.6 L
Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 18 – 8.5 L

Fuel consumption at max rated power

Briggs & Stratton XR 2100 – 3.58 L/h
Equals ~1.8 hours of constant work @100% load

Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 18 – 6.2 L/h
Equals ~1.4 hours of constant work @100% load

Actual average engine load at leaf suction work ~60%"

Vacuum power / Air flow

180 m3/min

Vacuum unit assembly-unassembly

4 bolts, ~20 minutes

Vacuum hose kit

Diameter 200mm, length 5m, with lightweight handheld suction nozzle and quick-connect adapters

Shredding effect

Included shredder blades demolish and cut leaves upto x10 times smaller, increasing work capacity and minimizing trips to dump site.

Personnel required

1 person

Suitable for vacuuming

leaves, debris, wood chips, acorns, grass, trash, small branches, pine needles, and other light materials

2-in-1 Design

Leaf Vacuum and leaf extensions are easily un-mountable for converting the leaf trailer to conventional tipping trailer off-season.

Suitable for use

All year long thanks to 2-in-1 design concept.

Delivery information

Delivered to door with tail lift truck. Packaged on pallet, with drawbar, wheels and vacuum unassembled for transport.
No unloading equipment needed by customer for receipt. (Unless requested for delivery fully assembled)

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Standard equipment

Hydraulic tipping – hydraulic hose connection in standard
Hydraulic tipping – hydraulic hose connection in standard
Foresteel trailers' powerful hydraulic tipping ensures easy and fast unloading of even the heaviest loads. No need for back-breaking manual work.
Wide turf tires
Wide turf tires
The turf tire we use is premier tire for turf applications and is also the OEM choice for many ZTR and high-end commercial mower manufacturers. For commercial or heavy residential use, the Kenda K500 will provide "everything you want and more" in a lawn and garden tire. With more rubber on the contacting surface than most competitor tires, the K500 allows enhanced puncture resistance and longer tread life.
All standard trailer equipment (see model page)
All standard trailer equipment (see model page)
View standard trailer model page to see the standard equipment overview (see model page) See trailers here: https://foresteel.eu/product-category/tipping-trailers/
D50 mm ball coupling
D50 mm ball coupling
Universal hitch connection - tow with any hitch-ball equipped vehicle.
NET extensions 70 cm
NET extensions 70 cm
Strong galvanized steel mesh extensions to increase trailer volume. Perfect for leaves, branches, firewood and other materials.
PVC covers for leaf extensions
PVC covers for leaf extensions
Foresteel leaf trailers have additional special made PVC covers fitted onto the NET side extensions panels, to keep the trailer multifunctional (you can remove the PVC covers off-season and use the tipper trailer for it's full capabilities). The PVC set includes SIDE PVC covers and an specially designed TOP PVC cover that allows free air movement in specified direction.
Foresteel leaf vacuum unit
Foresteel leaf vacuum unit
Depending on your configuration, the chosen Foresteel leaf vacuum unit is included with your Leaf Trailer setup.
5m suction hose with lightweight suction nozzle
5m suction hose with lightweight suction nozzle
The ergonomics and lightweight wheeled suction nozzle is designed for maximum air flow and ergonomic working position, all to increase your work productivity.
Vacuum hose holders on trailer sides
Vacuum hose holders on trailer sides
Vacuum hose holders on trailer sides for easy transport positioning of the suction hose when in movement or when not in use.

Optional equipment

40 mm Towing eyelet
40 mm Towing eyelet
40 mm towing eyelet/towing hook allows connecting the trailer with most tractors and compact loaders.
Manual handpump tipping kit
375.00 (excl. tax)
Manual handpump tipping kit
375.00 (excl. tax)
Integrated manual hydraulic pump for tipping - no external hydraulics needed
Electro hydraulic tipping kit
1,150.00 (excl. tax)
Electro hydraulic tipping kit
1,150.00 (excl. tax)
Trailer integrated tipping system with wired remote - no external hydraulics needed. Includes battery, charger, integrated battery level indicator, charging plug, wired remote.
Underframe Suction Unit for FT trailer
1,500.00 (excl. tax)
Underframe Suction Unit for FT trailer
1,500.00 (excl. tax)
Foresteel Leaf Trailer with the unique and original Underframe Suction Unit option can save you time and minimizes manual labour. Works in combination with Foresteel MIDvac and PROvac versions, great best in dry, but also in slightly wet conditions. The unit is brushless and works best if leaves are collected relatively soon after dropping to the ground, before grass grows through and limits the pick-up efficiency.

Easy and simple!

FT-1600 Leaf Trailer can help you with your daily tasks and solve several problems.

Leaf cleanup during the season takes a lot of time and effort. We have extensive experience of producing effective leaf collection machines that can remove leaves quickly and easily.

We have worked closely with customers and developed fully equipped, easy to use leaf cleanup trailers that you can start working with immediately. No extra hassle, no extra sourching, no extra headaches.
That’s how we can help.
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Rings a bell?

  • Leaf cleanup during the season takes a lot of time and effort.
  • It's difficult to get rid of pine needles and acorns from golf courses and sports fields.
  • Large equipment may wreak havoc on sensitive turf and grass.
  • Due to weather or other constraints, there is a limited time window for leaf pickup.
  • You're fighting the wind with leaf blowers, and leaves are frequently blown back to where they came from.
  • Until today, there was no compact and simple-to-use equipment available.
  • You're always thinking there should be a better way!

The solution offered by Foresteel

2-in-1 Leaf collection trailers that may be towed by any vehicle. Simple and easy to use!
  • 2-in-1 tipping trailer and leaf collector combination that gives you both tools in one for whole season use.
  • Compact in size and weight, designed for turf and park areas, ideal for lawn tractors, electric vehicles, loaders, golf, and park machinery.
  • Powerful leaf vacuums with market-leading Briggs & Stratton engines are efficient and easy to maintain.
  • Collecting, shredding and compacting the leaves into dump box instead of blowing them around saves time and money.
  • Leaf cleanup trailers that may be towed by any vehicle.
  • Easy to use by anyone with no special training needed. The only leaf, grass and debris cleanup trailer you need.
We listened to real users, grounds managers from municipalities, golf clubs, landscaping contractors, etc. to understand and meet their needs. Then we made this.


  • Seasonal cleanup duties can be completed in less time and for less money.
  • Leaves, grass clippings, pine needles, and other waste is removed from the grounds.
  • Less work and effort with less labor required.
  • Lightweight leaf trailers with turf tires are designed for sensitive turf.
  • It doesn't matter if it's windy because the vacuumed and collected leaves are gone right away.
  • 4-stroke engines have a smaller environmental footprint.
  • Beautiful trailers for stunning locations.
Seasonal cleanup duties can be completed in less time and for less money.

Customer stories

A few examples of how our products help our customers with their needs.

Pühajärve SPA & Holiday Resort

Pühajärve SPA and Resort has 20ha of mowable are to maintain. Half of that is covered with trees and leaf cleanup is a time consuming task. With FT-1600 MIDvac leaf trailer, connected to their JD 1445 mowing deck for unprecedented work efficiency. They also do mow-and-collect which allows them to have grass grow a bit longer than before. See https://www.pyhajarve.com


FT-1600 MIDvac leaf trailer clearing leaves in Krootuse municipality.

Kristel Mülle-Vaik, Niitvälja Golf

It’s a time-saver for us. In retrospect, the main reason, we invested in Foresteel FT-1600 Leaf Trailer was it’s efficiency and multifunctionality. We definetly were much more efficient last leaf season and saved a lot of time thanks to the trailer. We were also able to keep the pathways and areas between the tracks clean that previously were difficult to handle. The Underframe Suction unit is a great tool as it allows single person to work with the unit. What makes it great compared to others is that it’s easy to unmount the leaf equipment and use the trailer for transporting soil and other goods around the area so we’re able to use it for the full season.

Paul Marley Head Greenkeeper, EGCC

I bought a Foresteel FT-2200 leaf vacuum because the price was so good in relation to the quality. The FT-2200 helps us work smart, not hard - we managed to clean two areas of the golf course in less than a day. Normally it would have taken us two days with twice as much labor. This means that we can get much more done during the time of year we need to be extra efficient due to less staff. Our productivity also increased thanks to the large towing capacity and user-friendliness.

A small selection of customers…

  • Municipalities
  • Golf centers
  • Manors
  • Sports grounds and facilities
  • Landscaping contractors
  • Camping centers
  • Schools and University campuses
  • Hotels and spa centers
  • Church-cemetery managers etc
  • Private households and farms etc
…to whom we have already delivered an unit to!

Product showcase

Cool images and videos we have to show you more about our products.

Product showcase

Cool images and videos we have to show you more about our products.

Foresteel-FT-1600-Leaf Trailer Arctic Cat ATV
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