FT-2200 T3 3-Way Tipping Trailer 5,150.00 (excl. tax)

FT-2200 T3 3-Way Tipping Trailer

Monthly payment from 132.60 / 60 months

5,150.00 (excl. tax)

The FT-2200 simplifies landscaping and goods transport tasks with wide range of applications.
News. Street legal versions (EU CoC) now available!

3-side tipping trailer for tractors and loaders. Low vertical coupling force designed to answer compact machinery limitations. Perfect companion to your small tractor or compact loader.

Three-way dumping, wide tires with increased puncture resistance, readily removable side panels, the ability to convert it into a platform, and a automatic hydraulic lift-limiter that works in every direction are just a few of the features that the FT-2200 can provide. Now with wider body with higher capacity for better fit! Extra durable finish with galvanized frame, side panels and corner posts!

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Trailer FT-2200 from Foresteel

For tractors and compact loaders, a 3-way hydraulic tipping trailer with a loading capacity of 2200 kg.

  • Strong and well-designed trailers with high-strength steels and long service life.
  • Developed & based on years of feedback from real users who are not looking for the cheapest product, but the one that can actually serve them in the long run.
  • High quality finish, that in addition to performing well also looks great and fits well with your machinery and ambience.

FT-2200 Benefits

Design and finish of the highest degree

3-way tipping

Strong and durable construction

Automatic tip-limiting and powerful hydraulic tipping

Components of excellent grade

Powerful hydraulic tipping

Optimal weight distribution and low self weight thanks to special steels

Compact design makes it easy to manouver

Wide tires with greater surface area

Multifunctional platform body with removable corner posts

All sides openable and separately removeable

Adjustable drawbar height, connectable with any machine

Wide range of options and accessories

Designed and manufactured in Europe.

Technical data

Trailer Size

FT-2200 T3

Loading capacity

2200 kg

NET weight

480 kg

Inside dimensions

2275 mm x 1400 mm x 350 mm (without extensions)


1.1 m3 (without extensions)


L 3760 mm x L 1520 mm x H 1130 mm

Platform thickness

3 mm; high strength steel


3-side/3-way, Hydraulic, 55 ° rear / 55 ° side

Wheel size

26” x 12” x 12”


D50 mm ball coupling (replaces standard coupling) I NET extensions (Leaf extensions) 700 mm I Extra level side panels 300 mm, Forestry posts, Gravel hatch

Delivery information

Delivered to door with tail lift truck. Packaged on pallet, with drawbar and wheels unassembled for transport.
No unloading equipment needed by customer for receipt. (Unless requested for delivery fully assembled)

2200 T3 COC/COCL Version

EU Type Approved/Street legal version with CoC papers
Dimensions: 4065 mm x 1520 mm x 1158 mm
Total mass: 2700 kg
Drawbar nose load: 300 kg COC / 300 kg COCL (Leaf Compatible)
Coupling: 40 mm towing eyelet (ball coupling optional)
Coupling height: 430mm
Max speed: 40 km/h (Wide landscaping turf tires)
Brake system: Auto-reverse overrun brakes with handbrake
EU type approved to class R2a (40 km/h)

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Standard equipment

40 mm Towing eyelet
40 mm Towing eyelet
40 mm towing eyelet/towing hook allows connecting the trailer with most tractors and compact loaders.
Adjustable coupling height (4 positions)
Adjustable coupling height (4 positions)
Adjustable towing coupling. The height range allows connecting the trailer to almost any towing vehicle while keeping the trailer level with the ground.
Wide turf tires
Wide turf tires
The turf tire we use is premier tire for turf applications and is also the OEM choice for many ZTR and high-end commercial mower manufacturers. For commercial or heavy residential use, the Kenda K500 will provide "everything you want and more" in a lawn and garden tire. With more rubber on the contacting surface than most competitor tires, the K500 allows enhanced puncture resistance and longer tread life.
Greasable tip bearings
Greasable tip bearings
Increased trailer lifetime with smoother, quieter operation.
Platform body with corner posts
Platform body with corner posts
Multifunctional body design for wide variety of usage scenarios. Corner posts lock all sides separately, making sure side panels don't fall open when rear door is opened like on many competitors trailers.
All side panels openable and removable
All side panels openable and removable
Platform body enables many usage possibilities. For example you can remove front and rear panels to transport overlength materials; remove one side for easy loading & unloading or remove all panels and posts for full-platform.
Hydraulic 3-side tipping
Hydraulic 3-side tipping
Hydraulic 3-side tipping – with hydraulic hose connection
3-way tip limiting with wire-limiter
3-way tip limiting with wire-limiter
Tip limiting with steel wire system for safer use.
High quality finish in Foresteel orange or green
High quality finish in Foresteel orange or green
All Foresteel trailers have high quality finish with powder coated platform and hot dip galvanized frame and sides for extra long lifetime and corrosion durability.
Adjustable support wheel
Adjustable support wheel
Adjustable support wheel makes hooking the trailer, but also maneuvering the trailer in storage much more ergonomic and comfortable.
LED lights with rear triangle reflectors
LED lights with rear triangle reflectors
Multifunctional rear light with direction indicator, position lamp, stop lamp (E9), with rear triangle reflectors.

Optional equipment

D50 mm ball coupling
D50 mm ball coupling
Universal hitch connection - tow with any hitch-ball equipped vehicle.
NET extensions 70 cm
800.00 (excl. tax)
NET extensions 70 cm
800.00 (excl. tax)
Strong galvanized steel mesh extensions to increase trailer volume. Perfect for leaves, branches, firewood and other materials.
Extra level side panels 30 cm
800.00 (excl. tax)
Extra level side panels 30 cm
800.00 (excl. tax)
Strong galvanized steel sheet extensions to increase trailer volume. Perfect for lightweight bulk goods.

Easy and simple!

FT-2200 can help you with your daily tasks and solve several problems.

Choosing a trailer seems like an easy task. Yet picking the one that can withstand the test of time while being used to its limits can be a sizable task. Not anymore!

We listened to users and developed trailers that surpass those expectations. See below what are the common problems when sourcing tipper trailers for tractors, loaders and other small machinery. And what we have done to surpass the expectations with ours.
Here’s what we have learned from our customers:
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  • It is hard to to find the best fit for your needs while without overpaying for too little.
  • Getting a product that actually looks like pictured.
  • Finding a product that genuinely meets your needs and lasts as expected.
  • Weak construction is often hard to spot at first glance through photos or even an on-site inspection, and a cheap trailer that looks strong on photos often turns out to be the opposite.
  • Weak hydraulics and a low tip angle are often discovered only after the equipment is purchased. Inadequate hydraulics cannot tip a full load, and insufficient tip angle does not allow the load to be unloaded without manual labor. But that's the point of a tipper trailer, isn't it?
  • Deflected frame, cracked welds, deflected side panels, deformed axle, broken panel locks, failing components, poor-quality rusty finish are just some of the problems that customers who purchased cheaper alternative products first have shared with us.
  • Lack of customer support and the availability of spare parts is non-existent or problematic leaving you alone with problems after the purchase.

The solution offered by Foresteel

Increase the capacity of your work. A product developed in response to years of user feedback, with the goal of producing a trailer that could withstand a long period of use and therefore be more cost effective.
  • Strong and well-designed trailers.
  • A product developed in response to years of user feedback, with the goal of producing a trailer that could withstand a long period of use and therefore be more cost effective.
  • For compact machinery, the trailer’s weight distribution is enhanced, and the vertical load is optimized, resulting in increased safety and maneuverability.
  • Tested and proven design with high-strength steels and exceptional durability.
  • Multifunctional platform body for unlimited usage possibilities.
  • High-quality finish that, in addition to good performance, also looks great and fits well with your machines and atmosphere.
  • Direct product support whenever needed.
Because of its universality and ease of use, FT-2200 makes every landscaping work task easy and offers varied applications. Trailer’s platform type construction with 3-way tipping functionality along with a wide range of accessories make it one of the top choices of municipalities, greencare contractors and hobby enthousiast.


  • Beautiful trailers for stunning locations.
  • Reliability and strong construction ensure a long service life.
  • The powerful hydraulic tipping manages any load.
  • A platform type box with unlimited use scenarios.
  • A wide selection of accessories increases the possibilities of use now and in the future.
  • Avoid buying twice and get the Foresteel quality trailer first.
  • Foresteel has already been chosen and tested by hundreds of users in more than 21 countries.
Source your product – directly from the manufacturer, with direct delivery, immediate availability of spare parts and personal support if necessary.

Customer stories

A few examples of how our products help our customers with their needs.

Toomas K.

“A decent tool for the property. I was looking for a high-quality trailer for the tractor that would last and I’m satisfied with my purchase so far - bought in 2017. The trailer fits well with the Kubota STW 37 in the household. Would purchase again!"

Tamar T.

“I am very satisfied with the purchase. The trailer is of very high quality! We purchased the FT-2200 for our John Deere 3025E for a small farm for various jobs, logging and the like. I would definitely buy Foresteel products again."

A small selection of customers…

  • Private household
  • Farm
  • Golf centers
  • Manors
  • Sports grounds and facilities
  • Landscaping contractors
  • Camping centers
  • Universities
  • Municipalities
  • Hotels and spa centers
  • Church-cemetery managers etc.
…to whom we have already delivered this unit to!

Product showcase

Cool images and videos we have to show you more about our products.

Product showcase

Cool images and videos we have to show you more about our products.

FT-2200 + extra side panels with Avant 760-3
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Holder with FT-2200 and Heatweed MID_serie