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Bogie axle 3-way hydraulic tipping trailer with 2500 kg loading capacity for tractors and compact loaders

  • The 3-side tipping tandem axle trailer is a multifunctional and heavy duty workhorse that can help you with your tasks on and off the road. The tandem/bogie axle makes the ride comfortable and smooth. Platform type body with a wide range of accessories make it a great choice for compact tractors and machinery.

  • Three-way tipping, wide tyres with enhanced puncture resistance, openable and removable side panels, an option to turn it into a platform and a hydraulic lift-limiting device implementing automatically in every direction are only some of the reasons why FT-2500 OFFROAD is a great pick. Not to mention the added mesh top, extra side panels, leaf vacuum solutions, and other extras that can be easily added to the trailer.





Technical data

NET weight, kg
Loading capacity, kg
Volume/-with extensions, m3
Inside dimensions LxBxH, m
Platform dimensions LxBxH, m
Loading height, m
Bottom thickness, mm
Side panel thickness, mm
Tipping angle rear/sides, degrees
Wheel size, inch

Why FT-2500 OFFROAD?

  • 3-way tipping
  • Premium quality design and finish
  • Heavy duty bogie axle and strong construction
  • Powerful hydraulic tipping with automatic tip-limiting
  • Full platform body
  • High quality components - Longer lifetime, better results
  • Wide tires
  • Adjustable drawbar - 6 height positions
  • Optimized for compact machinery
  • LED lights in standard







Standard equipment

3-way hydraulic tipping

Automatic tip-limiting

Wide tires

Flexible and smooth bogie axle

Towing eyelet

6-Positions coupling

Platform body

All panels openable & removeable

Parking Jack with wheel

Led lights & reflectors

Wheel chocks







Optional equipment

D50 ball coupling

NET Extensions 70 cm

Increase loading volume (leaves, branches etc)

Extra side panels 30 cm

Increase loading volume to haul lightweigh bulk materials

Top linked rear hatch

Gravel hatch for even spreading of bulk materials

Forestry Posts

Convert your tipping trailer to forestry trailer



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