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FORESTEEL FT-WATER - Mobile Irrigation Systems
Reliable and Ready-for-work watering, water transport and firefighting solutions.

  • Fill-start-irrigate-repeat! Compact ready-to-use water transportation, irrigation and firefighting solution in one package. Durable and rigid lightweight tanks combined with optimized pumping systems all assembled on a strong steel frame with forklift pockets.
    Often used for irrigation tasks on car trailers, on trucks, on pickup's, on compact tool carriers (like Multihog, Holder, Nimos, Belos, Wille etc), on different types of utility vehicles (E-TRON, ALKE, Melex, ADDAX, Yamaha, Clubcar etc) and on UTVs (e.g. JD Gator, Kubota RTV, Polaris, Toro, Yamaha, Kioti) .
    Irrigation solution for ground care and horticulture companies, park maintenance managers, farming and municipality managers.
    * Available in different sizes.





Technical data

FT-WATER MODEL FTW-300 FTW-600 FTW-1000 FTW-2000
Tank volume, L 300 600 1000 2000
NET weight*, kg 75 150 190 230
Total weight*, kg 375 750 1190 2230
Dimensions, LxWxH mm 1350 x 600 x 1000 1650 x 950 x 985 1965 x 1150 x 1220 2400 x 1350 x 1310
Sloshing baffles for high speed Optional Optional Optional Optional
Tank filling - Included Included Included
* Empty and total weight change with options and accessories

Mobile irrigation platforms

  • Fully autonomous system
  • Reliable and easy to work with
  • Ready to work setup, equipped with everything needed for irrigation tasks
  • Easy-lift fuctionality due to integrated forklift pockets
  • Transport with a trailer, pickup truck, utility vehicle, UTV, electric work vehicle, golf cart etc
  • Powerful and efficient pump
  • Suction/filling from pond/lake with the pump
  • Low center of gravity gives safer usage compared to do-it-yourself IBC tank solutions.
  • Tank baffles available against sloshing for high speed use
  • Ventilation valves integrated on the top hatch







Features and standard equipment

Forkliftable steel frame

Strong hot dip galvanized weather resistant steel frame with 4-way forklift pockets

Strong plastic tanks

Rigid and durable PE plastic tanks with low center of gravity design increase work safety. Algae preventing green tank for pasture watering available as option

380 mm diameter dome

Top dome with swash baffle and hinged cover increase safety, usage possibilities and allow for easy cleaning

HONDA pump

Efficient and reliable HONDA water pump with realively low noise level and smooth operation

Automatic hose reel

20m 1/2" or 15m 3/4" professional high quality watering hose on reel with automatic retraction

Adjustable flush nozzle

Professional flush nozzle with jet or spray functionality







Optional equipment

Sloshing baffles

Baffles for high speed use

Algae-preventing tank

Tank for pasture watering, impermeable to light and coloured green to prevent algae growth

Filling sieve

For mixing powder fertilizers or other additives a filling sieve can be added to the top inlet dome

Zero emission system

Zero emission & low noise electrical pump system with battery pack and charging system. * Available on all verions!

Wheeled chassis

Chassis for underframe with wide turf tire wheels and D50 ball coupling for towing in closed areas. * See watering trailers page

Pressure washer

Gasoline powered pressure washer for maintenance of urban and green areas. Perfect for cleaning machinery, roads, pavements, walls, park benches. * See pressure washers page



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