18” pöörlev tasapinnaline pinnapesur ratastel 740.00 (lisandub km)

18” pöörlev tasapinnaline pinnapesur ratastel

Kuumakse al. 24.23 / 60 kuud

740.00 (lisandub km)

18” pöörlev tasapinnaline pinnapesur ratastel
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  • Eesti, EU, USA või Kanada – saadame kaupa kõikjale

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        Customer stories

        Manor park

        Kalmer P, a long-time satisfied Foresteel customer, using an FT-600 Leaf Trailer with a lawn tractor and ATV to keep an private manor park in perfect shape.

        Private property

        Very satisfied! I searched for quite some time but this one looks by far the best. Great build quality and fits perfectly for our Kubota. My only concern was long distance order, but glad I took the risk. Delivered in less than 2 weeks. Richard from Paris, France.


        Saku municipality using Zero-Emission Irrigation Platforms for watering city flower baskets and flower beds. Thanks to it's silent and emissionless action they've gained the publics warm approval

          Product showcase

          Product showcase