Breathe new life into dirty items

With mobile gasoline powered high pressure washer ready
for action independent of power and water resources.



Multifunctional mobile pressure washer ready for action anywhere, any place.
Carefully selected components for optimal pressure and flow parameters.

Tested solutions with proven results.
Foresteel Pressure Washer 300L

Foresteel PW-300
2630 € + VAT

Tank capacity 300 l
Net weight 90 kg
L 1350 mm x W 600 mm x H 990 mm
Foresteel Pressure Washer 600L

Foresteel PW-600

3160 € + VAT

Tank capacity 600 l
Net weight 140 kg
L 1700 x W 950 x H 1200 mm

 150 Bar / 2175 psi max pressure cold water
 12 Lpm / 720 l/h high output
 5.5 HP Reliable Honda petrol engine
 Integrated controlset & bypass & intake filter
 Integrated chemical injector
PW Unit delivery includes:
✔ Pressure Washer unit on forkliftable steel frame
✔ Adjustable Two-system lance assembly for Foam & Wash
✔ 8m flexible high pressure rubber hose (15m optional; hose reel optional)
✔ Washing gun and hose holder
✔ 3L detergent container
✔ Quick start guide

Optional extras
+ Tank sloshing baffles (for PW-600 unit) 
+ 15m flexible high pressure rubber hose (replaces standard 8m)
+ 15m flexible high pressure rubber hose on automatic retraction hose reel


No more extension cords

Work anywhere independent of power resources

No more hosing

Work Anywhere  No need to find a water supply out on location

Easy pressure adj.

Just turn of the knob set's the suitable output pressure for your task. 1-150 bar

Quick & Easy lifting

Rustproof frame with forklift pockets for easy lifting-positioning both empty & full

Outstanding performace

150 bar & 13 lpm is more than enough for most cleaning work

Easy to use

No extensive instructions. Our Quick-Start guide get's you running in minutes!

Compact size & weight

Designed with compact size in mind it fit's on most equipment

Use on any machine

Frame mounted for stand-alone use. Slide into a van or truck bed or fit on a trailer

Ready for action

A turn-key solution ready for
instant work on day of delivery

1. Fill it
2. Load it
3. Go to site and start blasting!


vehicles, motorcycles, truck bodies, construction and agricultural equipment,
boats, leisure and rental equipment, bus stops, furniture, production plants,
pathways, public playgrounds, road signs, buildings, walls, fences etc.



“Great investment for cleaning construction equipment on the road and at the end of a project. Considered getting 300 L version but got the 600L version eventually as we use it with Hilux'es mostly. More powerful than we expected, which is great.”

— Per S.  Construction

“A good machine, if you have only used electric machines before you will be in for a pleasant surprise. This model is great value for money, it is very powerful and therefore it is efficient. The machine is well put together, solid and well designed. It looks like it is built to last.”

— Jean W.  Farmer

Dirtbikes & Offroad equipment
Construction equipment
Sites and pathways
Leisure and groundcare equipment
Boats and port areas
Fences and walls
Outdoor furniture and recreational areas


Delivery information

All Foresteel PW pressure washer units are shipped on pallets as terminal goods and should be delivered to your location without any need for lifting equipment on receival. In case your local courier does not provide otherwise.

Warranty information

The product of the PW high pressure cleaner series is covered by the Foresteel guarantee (the guarantee for Honda engines is valid for 36 months and the guarantee for Interpump high pressure pumps is valid for 12 Months so that it is free of defective parts and materials for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase (unless otherwise stated at the point of sale). The guarantee does not cover damage caused by the use of incorrect operating materials, unnatural wear and tear, wear and tear due to above-average loads, incorrect installation or commissioning by the customer or third parties - unless Foresteel is responsible for this. The guarantee also excludes wear parts that are subject to excessive natural wear due to their material properties or their type of use, e.g. Seals, high-pressure hoses, high-pressure guns, plastic bearings and the like, as well as damage caused by the flow of substances that are not contractually required. All guarantee periods begin on the date of purchase and are not transferable.

This warranty does not apply to defects caused by misuse, neglect, accident, improper storage, installation or handling, frost damage, repairs or changes that are not performed or approved by us, or the use of the wrong type of fuel, contaminated water or unsuitable chemicals caused. The guarantee is limited to the provision of repairs, which are free of charge within the specified period, provided the above conditions are met and the original proof of purchase is presented.

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